YouTube Spam Subs – Videopath – OS Market Share – VentureBeat on Google Home (Geek Sexy News)


IT Creations (New and Refurbished Servers):

NordVPN (Highly Secure VPN):

Hacksaw Academy (Online Coding Training):

Veeam (Free Backup Software):

Dev Mountain (Developer Bootcamp):

Gillware Data Recovery (Data Recovery Partner Program):

Plixer (Netflow Analytics):

Schooley Mitchell (Telecom/ Datacom Purchasing):

INE (Online IT Training):




YouTube Spam Subs:

OS Market Share:

Venturebeat on Google Home:

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  1. If you you overly automate a process you can create automated mistakes.
    Like for example I nearly deployed something broken to production a few weeks ago, that was not fun.

  2. 25:00 You know, I didn't see it like (i asked this question the other day). You are right, having a human touch is important regarding the sponsorship reading and just that little bit can matter when someone may be consuming this video through just audio or something. So thanks for the answer. And I learned about videopath through this video which I will plan to see the FREE version to a client. So thanks for that as well

  3. Comment : Pre-recorded shout-outs, OK, yes you do have a good point,
    humanity, so… MORE VINTAGE ELI, not all vintage,still do vids for the
    goldfish, but don't forget the hardcore IT crowd who tell others about you.
    We wan't Eli the computer guy, sometimes somewhere ….

  4. Ely, when is Icy Dock coming up as a sponsor? I need to buy something from them, but I'm waiting until the sponsorship finalizes.

  5. Some CPU "hardware" both "Intel and AMD" force users to go to Win10 as there is a "component" that allow the CPU to function properly. Not sure if they will support open OS like Linux… But worth asking your writers to check out "maybe" it could be just a rumor…

  6. I am sick to death of these whining pretentious "privileged" twits out there that complain that YouTube is unfair. Not one of them is entitled to YouTube traffic. Just because they quit their day job to make videos doesn't mean a damn thing. YouTube ruined the smaller channel market years ago to promote YoUTube whores like Pew Die Pie, and others like him. They ruined that when they changed the algorithms to drive the traffic to the bigger channels. It was as slanted as the media is today on both sides.

    Now they cry and bitch and blame YouTube for a drop in number. B O O H O O! get over yourselves. Yeah Google changed deal with it. You've sucked on their teets long enough. Others have a chance to grow now. Again you re NOT entitled to a damn thing from YouTube and you never will be.

  7. some of the "they took our jobs – people" should watch your end comment – maybe you put one of them QR codes on poles and classifieds with the link for your video. also, because of the sponsor message, you kinda get the radio show dj "allure". go EEEli

  8. today youtube un-subscribed me to your account, i had to realize it was gone and re-subsribe today, weird computer error

  9. Eli, have you ever thought about setting up a patrion account? It could be another good source of income, and a method for some to show their appreciation of your content.

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