YET ANOTHER Xbox Controller! [Recon Tech Special Edition]


I unbox the Recon Tech Xbox controller & vlog about my phone being fixed from yesterday’s video!
Recon Tech Special Edition Controller: Thanks Xbox division for sending me this!

PopSocket (Blue Nebula):

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  1. I'm ACTUALLY going to get a display case for all these controllers. I LOVE collecting them! THUMB UP ON THE VIDEO for a display case!

  2. if you like the pop socket look into a product called love handles! they're a little strap. cus I just don't prop my phone up. check it out!

  3. Yes PS has built in battery and it sucks ass. It last just ~4 hours without charging in the mean time I have 30+ hours with my Xbox controller. (With 2 x 2300 mAH batteries)

  4. Controller looks nice. I would buy it but I haven't dropped my Nintendo Switch since it came. My Xbox and PS4 have been collecting dust lately. It's Link's fault.

  5. what about having 2 phones..your super expensive techy one and the second you could change every 6 weeks you could buy off eBay and set a limit like $100-150.. You could buy phones from 2000- present day e.g Nokia n92, galaxy i7500, galaxy note 3, dell streak, Sony Ericsson p1i…and so on..this tech came in and out so quickly that it's almost iconic, phones now days are a bit predictable, it's hard to get enthused…just my opinion of course but it might be handy also for those parents who can't afford an iPhone 7…I just bought a galaxy note 3 for 100 pounds and that's about how much a phone should cost

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