Xbox One S: Top 5 Accessories


Top 5 PS4 Slim Accessories!
Xbox One Slim Accessories! Looking for ways to upgrade your new Xbox One S? Here’s some of the best headsets, controllers, and other accessories worth grabbing

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Play n charge kit:
Rechargeable Batteries:
XO1 Headset:
WD My Passport:
Gaming Backpack:
Elite Controller:

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  1. They should really make a cheaper, smaller and redesigned Kinect to go with the One S. The Kinect is really great for some games, but too expensive.

  2. That headset is a piece of shit, it's built for children it's terribly made and the sound just isn't good enough, you could spend an extra 10-15 to get an xo four which is much better

  3. I love my Xbox one elite controller also I use Kinect on my Xbox one s when I'm watching movies and I want to change the volume or something

  4. i don't know if people know about it but you can plug in your regular 3.5mm headphones into xbox one s controller straight away with having to buy an extension like the black one in the video.

  5. I use rechargeable AAs mostly because that means you can use it on other systems controllers like wii remotes and 360 just swap the batteries to the controller/s for the device you're using, if you got microsoft's (or a similar third party one) you wouldn't be able to do this

  6. I made a clever purchase for mine. Bought a year old 1 tb 2.5' sata drive for $50 and a USB 3.0 enclosure for it for $10! Works great.

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