Xbox One Minecraft Favorites Bundle 4K Unboxing


Graeme is taking a look at the brand new Minecraft Favorites Xbox One S bundle. Find out all the details and get yours here…

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  1. Not capable of handling 4k 60fps Minecraft? I doubt it's actually necessary to wait for Scorpio in order to get this feature. You should at least increase max players to 16, mobs population to a decent number, do graphics a little bit more 3D (like doors that actually have depth no matter were you see them from) and actually update it. I would prefer a full priced sequel with an extreme amount of features (option to get advanced fisics, complex AI capable of building, reproducing and fighting for their own, option for a more complex fighting system, etc). This mini DLC system without proper new features is a no no for me.

  2. I bought it about a month ago. also the game stop I bought it from was offering a free game with it. best decision I made. Microsoft is the best without a doubt

  3. The one thing ring with minecraft is that if you want a block that would look great on your build but it's not there I wish we could create our own block

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