Xbox One Media Remote: A must-have clicker to simplify the Xbox One


The Xbox One Media Remote is a must-have accessory that makes it much easier to accept a gaming console as the hub of your living room.

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  1. When the Xbox1 first came out i was ready to pull the trigger and purchase one but now i might just wait till a refresh or update comes out. 

  2. I've had this remote since the day it came out, and it really is super useful for all the reasons he mentions. I have one major gripe though, it does absolutely nothing in the YouTube app. Netflix, cable, everything else seems to work great. However the YouTube app totally ignores the remote except for the volume button. I would like to see this fixed in a future update

  3. Wow…. I bet the controller is better than both remote AND Kinect. Lol. Fail, just one big titan fail. 

  4. No volume control in Apple TV, Ruko, Amazon fire tv, xbox 360 remote, ps3 remote… This is the first time someone does it, wow, I returned my xb1 but now seems i'm compelled.

  5. If they made this before.. I'm pretty sure they would have bundled this too along with the kinect -_-

  6. Well xbox one is admittedly quite IR heavy. So it makes sense that the controller is IR, its cheap, low power, and is proven tech to work. 

  7. how do you change channels quickly. Like for exampled I wanted to go from ESPN to Food network channel can I type in channel numbers do I have scroll through the list on one guide??

  8. Please what ever you do youtubers, don't buy this piece of trash – It is even more unresponsive than my kinect voice commands. If you don't point the remote directly at the Xbox One then it just doesn't work, not even a foot out of line either way will work and it's only 6 feet away from me. Typical Microsoft cheap nasty garbage !

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