Xbox One Elite Controller Unboxing and Review!! (Elite Controller Gameplay Halo 5 Multiplayer)


Xbox One Elite Controller Unboxing, Review, and Halo 5 Gameplay Hands On Test!! All interchangeable parts, Xbox Accessories App, How To Map The Elite Controller, and more!! What do YOU think of the Elite Controller??


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  1. I think you bin ripped off big time.  u look like a puff in that video. I'm not wasting my money on that I spent my money on big thing I have  60inch 4k tv  xbox one ps4 and a astro a50 7.1 gaming headset worth £360 I don't like spend on the things that are not worth its not called xbox one elite controller its call XBOX ONE ELITE CON ARTIST CONTROLLER

  2. if you are tight on money this is not for you its not worth spenting all your money on this unless if its someing big or if you are just stupid wasting your money on this thing.  if u really want it the best way is to save up or wait till its low price

  3. Дебил, ты вообще знаешь что такое фокусировка камеры!? Полвидео в размытой хуйне!

  4. cable is for connecting it to xbox one and using the app to change button mapping. as well as for pc use if you buy the adapter you can use it wireless for pc.

  5. I'm just gonna wait till this week, then when black friday hits, there's gonna be a 1tb Xbox one with an elite controller for 449.99 USD.

  6. The bumpers are not the same at all!!! The original Xbox one controllers had awful bumpers that were hard to click, these new ones on the elite controller are completely different, a lot smoother! Loving my elite controller so far!

  7. I would watch the video but he's the type of person who spends money on something just to look at it. I fucking hate that.

  8. I got this for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It looks beautiful and it feels very high quality and sturdy. Probably the best controller on the market!

  9. The usb cable lets you charge the controller if you have the rechargable battery pack. Also connecting the controller to the usb cable reduces input lag you get from wireless.

  10. The cable is encase you want to remove any wireless latency and be hard wired, It also charges battery packs if you have them, Not a lot of people know this too but if you double tap the green sync button it disables button map and paddles, To put it stock performance in case one so desires 🙂 Your welcome :D

  11. My LB button broke. Only 90 day warranty. Paid $150 for this controller even my toaster has 1 year warranty. Not buying this controller again. What a ripoff!!!

  12. does the elite controller have better sticks? like do the sticks control
    better? I have a 360 controller for my pc and its kind of off target
    when i move my thumb around? Should I get this or a xbox one controller

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