1. Is there a way to check what update I have because when I got mine it didn't have to update. So please someone reply that knows

  2. How can anyone complain about this console Microsoft did an amazing job on it u just have to get used to it 

  3. They should release a xbox one slim edition with 1 or 2TB with a more powerful GPU and CPU and without the TV, Snap, skype and stuff like that because the majority of xbox games are in 720/900p @ 30fps.

  4. Wow… it's amazing to see how much xbox has changed for the better ever since phil is the head of xbox. Xbox has a very bright future because of phil and i can't wait to see what he has in store us and our console! :)

  5. Hello, i am big fan of the xbox so I have watch the video saying that you can give me any damaged xbox one for free plz thanks you

  6. Hello I am looking for any xbox one console gaming system damaged for free if you have one that is not selling because I have watched the video saying that I can get one for free plz if you have any for me
    thank you

  7. To truly see how painfully bad this boxed computer really is – just use it. Can't run flash player (I get if you are worried about battery life – but that is not the case here) – fail. Watch YouTube – can't go to full screen – not supported. Login fails – you can't watch your TV, access your Netflix, Amazon vids….on and on and on

  8. forza motorsport 5 was a good if not great game like every other forza game but the dlc and in game purchases just made it impossible to enjoy. but forza motorsport 6.. idk even know how to tell you how great it is.. it fixed everything wrong with forza 5 and there's alot of free content there. alot of rewards

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