Xbox 360 Two Red Light Failure – How Can I Fix This Problem?


When you own an Xbox 360, then you have listened to various complaints and horrible stories that its console suffers recurrently from hardware failure. This article will tell you a bit more about the presence of an Xbox 360 two red light failure and the reasons behind such. However, you should not get nervous about this minor problem since you can fix it conveniently. An utmost priority is the consistent inspection of the cords, whether they are properly connected or not. Moreover, it is definitely the mistake of Audio/V cord if the Xbox 360 exhibits four red lights that go in and out of your Xbox360. So, explore the item and check if all the cords are connected adequately just as your Television’s inputs.

The Microsoft Red Ring of death (RRod) problem, which is alternatively popular as the two or three red lights error, happens due to hardware failure. It is indeed merely a hardware failure that triggers problems in either of the two or three red lights. However, it helps in identifying the cause of the problem, where the mistake took place, the most general red light problem in Xbox 360 and the necessary tips to fix an Xbox 360 two red light failure.

1) The foremost problem is overheating. If the system is on run for a longer time than its enduring capacity, then there is a great chance that overheating will occur since the cooling ventilation system will eventually fail to perform effectively. This incident can be due to the failure of cooling fan, vents and other cooling systems. On the other hand, to prevent such occurrence, you may cool your items by turning off the system for at least two hours. Nevertheless, any Do-It-yourself guide from the web assists you in cooling the Xbox 360 without switching off your system, this happens from the comfort of your own place, attached with videos to assist you for in the event that you become a little confused.

2) Xbox 360 two red light failure is mostly due to insufficient voltage. Scrutinize whether there is proper insertion of the plugs to an outlet specifically designed for an Xbox console. Moreover, inspect whether there is additional electrical equipment that shares with it since it should not be the case.

3) If the Xbox 360 two red light failure continues, you should send the unit to Microsoft where they will repair it in a month’s time. In addition, this will cost you merely paper works and a minimal shipping fee if you intend to mail it.

Overall, the only way to be a hundred percent certain that your Xbox 360 two red light failure will get a good fix is to consult a professional that has a great range of experience and possess real expertise in dealing with this problem. After all, you want assurance that your Xbox 360 will get a real fix and return to its function in as soon as possible.

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