Xbox 360 Three Red Lights Help – is Your Xbox 360 Out of Warranty?


If your XBox is out of warranty, even the extended warranty, when you get the dreaded three red lights, then you need some XBox 360 three red lights help.

There’s several things you can do ranging from free to not free to support.

We will discuss each to see the benefits of each and possibly some dangers that some may pose.

Let’s start with the support option. What do you get by going this route? You can rest assured that you will get a working unit back. It might take about a month’s time and $140, but you will get a refurbished unit back. Some may not choose this route just because it takes a long time to get it back. If you had a game tournament to prep for, this might get in the way . . . But if you had the money and the time to wait, then this would be an excellent choice.

Then we have the free option. If you do a search on the internet for free repair methods, you might have stumbled across either the towel method or the solder method. With these free methods, you are definitely putting your XBox 360 in danger. The towel method could seriously fry your XBox 360 permanently and the solder method could result in sparks if not done properly and with precision tools. While they are free, I cannot recommend these because of the inherent danger present in them. And these methods have not been proven permanent. They last for a few days at most and then you will have to put your XBox at risk again by doing it again.

If sending your XBox back to support is not a favorable option, then your best option for some XBox 360 three red lights help would be to get a repair guide that is not free. You will have to spend a bit of money, but it is far less than the $140 for support. You will have to put in the manual labor of about 2 hours, but your XBox will be back in gaming order in that time. No more flashing red lights, no more red circle of death, just pure green gaming glory!

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