xbox 360 Repair Process


There are several Xbox 360 repair process options to consider. The main one that most people think of is using Microsoft to fix their flashing red lights. The flashing red lights are the most common problem for the 360 these days.

After all, who best to go to when your game system breaks down? Of course most people believe it to be the manufacturer. My poor, poor friends – that is not the way. Using Microsoft for the Xbox 360 repair process is as silly as using the Ford dealership to fix your Ford car when the “check engine” sign lights up. The reason it is silly is because the dealership designs your car to flash that light at the 100,000 mile mark. The same is true with Microsoft and your Xbox.

Forgive my bluntness, but it is what it is. And although using Microsoft for your Xbox 360 repair process is a solution that works, there are several other Xbox 360 repair processes to use that work better.  After all, with all the steps needed to take to use Microsoft as well as the money spent, it wouldn’t take much to find something better.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 repair process consists of waiting on hold with their support and waiting several days for them to send you a box to ship it in. Next you have to remove everything, carefully pack your 360, drop it off to be shipped and then wait for several weeks. The amount of money needed for this Xbox 360 repair process can be anywhere from $140 and up.

Whether or not you are covered under warranty, this Xbox 360 repair process still requires money for shipping. That is why as you are looking for Xbox 360 repair process solutions, it is important to consider all of your options. Many forget that they do have several options to fix their gaming systems.

Another type of Xbox 360 repair process to look into would be one in which you do it yourself. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? After all, what do you know about fixing the three rings of death? What is important is that someone knows. And if you can get step by step, detailed instructions on the Xbox 360 repair process yourself, why wouldn’t you?  As long as it’s guaranteed, you can’t go wrong. It will save you both time and money.

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