Xbox 360 Repair Guide and the Shocking Truth Behind the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death!


This basic Xbox 360 repair guide will explain what you need to do to fix the Xbox 360 red ring of death. Plus you will learn what NOT to do to avoid damaging your system. To start with, let’s cover the cause of Xbox 360 red lights.

The cause of Xbox 360 red lights: what no Xbox 360 repair guide can do without!

The red ring of death is caused by heat. When the motherboard heats up, it begins to vibrate. These vibrations cause a loosening of the GPU (graphics processing unit). Once the GPU comes loose enough, the system freezes up.

Avoid BOGUS Xbox 360 repair guides that tell you to use a towel or a hair dryer

There is an infamous Xbox 360 repair guide that says you can fix your red lights by wrapping your system in a towel (or using a hair dryer). This is not true, do not do anything this Xbox 360 repair guide says, as it can permanently damage your system.

Right now, there is about a 94% chance your system does not need new parts; you just need a little tweak to get it up and running. As you saw above, the issue is heat and the motherboard vibrating until the GPU comes loose. Any Xbox 360 repair guide that proposes you use heat is bogus. Any time you heat your system, you risk causing permanent damage and you may need to get new parts rather than just tweaking your system!

Yes, it is very frustrating to have the red lights and your system freeze up. But realistically, you can fix the problem in less than an hour, it doesn’t require technical skills, and you can use common house hold tools. Fix the problem right once and get back to care free gaming.

A simple Xbox 360 repair guide

You should get a professional Xbox 360 repair guide that will guide you through this process step by step. It is a very simple process, and I will outline a simple Xbox 360 repair guide here:

1. Take the faceplate and cover off

2. Carefully remove the motherboard, X clamp, and heat sink

3. Install 2 washers between the heat sink screws and the motherboard

4. Clean off the GPU and heat sink

5. Put everything back together

Do this, and you will no longer be plagued by those blasted red lights. Best of luck, and happy gaming, I hope you enjoyed this simple Xbox 360 repair guide.

Here is your EASY step by step Xbox 360 repair guide so you can permanently fix your Xbox 360 red light errors!

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