Xbox 360 Overheating – How To Avoid It


The Microsoft Xbox 360 console is a great gaming gadget, so the fact that there were millions of them sold all over the world is not a surprise.

Still, these consoles came with their own set of issues. One of these issues was the so called red ring of death, which got its name from the 360 gaming community. This issue got its name from the green lights of the console becoming red, which would indicate a failure of the hardware.

There were thousands of gaming consoles that had this problem and in most cases the console had a problem dissipating the heat that built up, because of the processing units. The thought here is that the design of the console is to blame, since it is so basic, and the heat sinks are too small. This would mean that they can’t cope with the amount of heat that is being produced while you play. Anyway, you should know that this problem is well known and it has a number of possible solutions.

One of the things you should do is not to use an Xbox 360 in a small place, like in a TV unit or in a cupboard. You need plenty of fresh air around the console, and ideally it should also be cool air. The best position for it would be in the room’s centre, on a box that is upturned. This would let the cool air get to the console’s cooling vents. That’s why you shouldn’t put the console on a carpeted floor.

While this tip might seem a bit crazy, it will actually allow you to play on it without any errors caused by overheating. The tip would be to play in sessions of a few hours, with breaks if it takes longer than that. This will allow you to play on your Xbox without any overheating issues.

If you happen to be one of the gamers unlucky enough to own a console that suffers from errors of red lights, you shouldn’t stress. These are plenty of resources that help you find a solution to this problem, so it doesn’t mean that you paid for the console and got nothing in return.

You can find a number of resources that give self help tips, so you will be able to fix overheated consoles with ease. Since there are so many consoles that had problems with overheating, the procedures of repair are proven to work. All you need is to try one of them and see if it applies to your situation.

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