Xbox 360 Chatpad vs. PS3 Wireless Keypad


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This is a comparison of the Xbox 360 Chatpad and the Playstation 3 Keypad. While this is an unusual comparison (considering the devices are for different platforms) it is interesting to see each manufacturer’s approach to text input.

Here are some more details on each device –

Xbox 360 Chatpad
– Powered by controller
– Larger, heavier
– Easier to type on
– Fewer functions

PS3 Wireless Keypad
– Has it’s own rechargeable battery
– Can function without controller
– Lightweight, small
– Smaller keys
– Can act as mousing device (trackpad)

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  1. Just plug in a wireless keyboard onto the ps3, and there you have it. I use my Logitech to send messages while in games. I can type more naturally that way.

  2. I need help with my Xbox 360 chatpad! My jack (attachment) has become a bit flimsy due to the forceful removal from the controller, and now the LEDs no longer work. I am typing with the same chatpad right now, so it still works fortunately(Xbox 360 wireless chatad unofficial driver for Windows; therefore the chatpad is no longer an Xbox Live exclusive device). Is it possible to re-stabilize the jack by readjusting it from the inside?Thanks for any replies.

  3. why didn't he mention that the 360's light up!!
    that was a huge competitive (if you can call it that) edge for me.

    the PS3's looks better attached to a different color controller. (preferably white)
    while the 360's i have no idea.. they both subtract the coolness of the look of the controller in a big ugly way.

  4. The 360 Chatpad would have way better feedback if people knew about it's backlit functionality -__- ' It's way better to use and have than a chunky wireless keyboard, which most require batteries and don't light up.

    If you use the Internet for everything you do on your 360 (music, movies, Web browsing, etc), it's a must have accessory.

  5. I'd prefer the 360's on a PS3 controller (I use a controller on my PC as well as 360 that is shaped like a PS3 controller, but uses the XBOX buttons/keys, and would love to have a Chatpad, because my keyboard is not the best, but neither are my typing skills, but the PS3's is not for me.) :)

  6. I kinda really like the PS3's keyboard, although I've never used the Xbox 360's keypad. Both look really well designed, and I agree that the keypad on a different color PS3 controller, would look better. We'll see if a new re-designed keypad for the PS4 and Xbox One, will be introduced in the near future.

  7. If anyone would think that typing on the ps3 controller is hard because of small buttons, you are wrong. These buttons have quite big of a gap between them and also they are more "out of the ground" aka more 3D like.

  8. the ps3 wireless keypad and the full keyboard (bigger keyboard) works nicely on the PC and tablets/phones, I am buying now also the keypad because I use Dualshock 3 with my pc to play games wirelessly with SCP drivers, note you will need TWO usb bluetooth dongles, very useful not anymore needed to put down controller and get to the big keyboard to type a few things in games chat and mouse built in to navigate fast in the games menu

  9. I've been using the PS3 keyboard for about 6 months now and I love it, the only thing is that you get used to it too much so you end up resting your fingers against it and when you use a Dualshock 3 without it your fingers constantly slip off the L1 and R1 buttons. I do not find it a hassle to type messages while gaming with it, either way your changing your grip a little and either way you need to stop playing a little while you type, but it's a lot faster to type than it is to use the controller itself to type

  10. The chatpad control Xbox 360, works on PC and Steam?

    O chatpad do controle de 360 xbox, funciona em Pc e na Steam?

  11. a question, you know if the PS3 chatpad supports Xpadder?

    I had a Xbox 360 controller with chatpad but did not work, I want to test the DS3, you know if it works?

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