Xbox 360 Blinking Red Light – Fix it Today!


Xbox 360 blinking red light is one of the most common problems that plague Microsoft’s number one video game console bet. The failure rates of the said video game console have been portrayed by the media as relatively high, but sales continue to remain steady. However, Sony and Nintendo have found a new market as Microsoft users begin to go for the PSP and the Wii because of the frequent occurrence of red lights in the Xbox 360.

Of course, if you own an Xbox 360, giving up on it when it experiences a technical problem, such as an Xbox 360 blinking red light, is certainly not the best course of action. For one, it’s not very practical, considering you shelled out a significant sum of money for your Xbox 360. Another thing is that there are other solutions you should consider before throwing your Xbox 360 in the trash bin. It is highly advised that you find out what’s wrong with your Xbox 360 before you decide on what to do.

As far as Xbox 360 blinking red light is concerned, the number of lights actually flashing is important in order to determine the right solution. The most common technical problem involving a blinking red light in the Xbox 360 is the infamous RROD – the Red Rings of Death, three red lights that appear around the Xbox 360’s power button. These three red lights indicate core digital failure, more popularly referred to as general hardware failure. Warning signs that you should watch out for include visual and audio freeze-ups, such as when the video game console’s screen begins to show strange graphical errors and the sound suddenly stops or turns into static. Other warning signals include the refusal of the video game console to read certain discs that used to play alright and the failure of the video game console to respond to any command other than the pressing of the power button for rebooting purposes.

In rare occasions, general hardware failure comes in the form of just one flashing red light. This Xbox 360 blinking red light carries codes displayed on the screen – E74, E71, or E79. This kind of problem, which is often the product of some sort of hardware failure not answered by the warranty, can be sometimes be solved by making sure that all the A/V connections are properly attached or, in cases of power outages, by unplugging the power supply cable and restarting it. Aside from general hardware failure, there is also the system hardware failure, usually indicated by two red lights. Microsoft has recommended turning off the video game console for a minimum period of two weeks when such problem occurs.

Today, you can find a number of software packages – guides or manuals – that are marketed as solutions to Xbox 360 problems, such as Xbox 360 blinking red light. It can be tempting to try some of these products because they usually offer free trial periods. However, many Xbox 360 users have expressed dissatisfaction over the results that certain software packages have provided. Some suffered from an even more damaged Xbox 360 from following wrong instructions. In order to have successful results, your best course of action is to ask a professional with vast experience to fix your Xbox 360 for you. This way, you can be sure that someone knowledgeable and well-equipped is doing the job properly.

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