Windows 10 gets caught in Apple's iCloud

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The list of issues affecting version 1809 or update Windows 10 October 2018, recently reissued, continues to grow.

The latest malfunctions identified by Microsoft concern compatibility issues with Apple's iCloud and the F5 Network VPN.

ICloud and F5 users banned from Windows October 10

The editor of the OS blocked last Friday the update Windows 10 1809 for the users of iCloud for Windows in version This decision is for Windows users who installed Apple's iCloud security update on October 8th.

Users already on Windows 10 1809 can not install iCloud version for Windows. They will see a message stating that the version is not supported and that the installation will fail, according to the Microsoft support page.

Microsoft seems to be approaching the deployment of Windows 10 1809 with extra caution since the replay of the update on November 13, more than a month after being forced to remove this version, which is responsible for deleting files.

The iCloud bug was spotted by Apple and causes sync issues with shared albums in iCloud. Some users are now reporting difficulties accessing their iCloud photos due to the blocked update.

"Microsoft is working with Apple to provide a compatible version of iCloud for Windows 10, version 1809, in an upcoming release," notes Microsoft.

Microsoft has also confirmed a problem affecting the F5 VPN on Windows 10 1809, causing network access to be interrupted. F5's technical support note on this issue was released on October 5th, shortly after the original Microsoft Windows 10 1809 release.

"This problem is a result of a regression bug in Windows 10. F5 expects Microsoft to release a fix for this issue in a cumulative update in the near future, and we can not provide an exact timeline for this Microsoft hotfix." wrote F5.

Microsoft said it was working on a fix and "will provide an update in a future release". In the meantime, this results in a blocking of the 1809 update for F5 VPN users.

Microsoft has also updated its note regarding the network drive bug. Previously, it was clear to administrators that a fix would be proposed, but not before 2019. Now, the publisher announces availability by the end of November.

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