Will iTunes Get Improved?


Apple’s iTunes is probably the largest online digital entertainment shop worldwide. It’s come a long way since its modest origins. Selling well over iTunes generally implies an important Billboard chart standing for artists. Apple’s team have continued to provide even more benefits and functions to the software. However, iTunes has been receiving a great level of condemnation lately.

To begin with, the program is quite often derided for the cumbersome style and lag when used by non-Apple PCs. Naturally, iTunes was made for the Mac OS yet anyone would assume that Apple would understand that most men and women have a computer and run Windows compared to having a Macbook or Apple computer. However this is not the circumstance and the program can certainly be pretty RAM intense. It is certainly not an uncomplicated, sleek design but it is very image and video intense. While looking around the iTunes Store users can go through quite a bit of lag. Quite a few people carry on using alternative music software since they are a lot less draining. Owning a RAM hogging piece of software is generally okay for high spec Apple merchandise but lots of computers unfortunately suffer when running several programs at once. This really is especially notable if you own an iPhone and compare it with your PC. Commonly the iPhone performs quickly however using iTunes with a PC is typically awkward! It might be great if Apple unveiled a better.

Second of all, the manner in which Apple continue to include many more features to iTunes is a blessing and a problem. It is good simply because there is a lot more features to it. It is no longer just a place to listen to music, people can easily now watch videos, download video games, make playlists and manage your iPhone and iPod. The iTunes Store provides millions of tracks to purchase and you can also buy movies and TV series. Using the App Store people can also buy thousands of apps for your iPod Touch. There are video games, resources, maps, books and a lot more. Many of the apps are absolutely free although some others you have to buy.

Nonetheless, a lot of people claim that there are too many features in iTunes and that it has become too cumbersome and bloated. Yet, what might be the remedy? Perhaps Apple could offer various services for the various functions (e.g. a standalone music player and music store). Alternatively it could offer a single piece of software but enable customers to turn off features that they do not use. For instance, if somebody owns an iPod yet continues to buy all of their songs on CDs then they won’t use iTunes to buy new music. Likewise, the iTunes Store now features lots of content which is only available via a number of products. If a person will never use such products then it is pointless for them to look at the associated content. Moreover, loads of users do not like that they need to make use of iTunes to organize their iPhone. This closed method to usability has seen loads of consumers and users becoming unhappy. It would appear that whilst Apple wants people to join their club yet if you are not able to join entirely then you may have to handle the issues.

Instead of offering a stripped down version of iTunes, it ought to instead integrate more features and functions. Apple undoubtedly has the assets and the product development crew to develop a product that features much more, but it should at the same time be mindful to keep it streamlined and well designed. It has already initiated this course of action with the introduction of Ping, a social network, offered via iTunes, which is centered around music. Why not then incorporate online bookmarking features (allowing you to import your bookmarks online) and personal home page user pages? It might be an excellent way to include a community component to iTunes. As most of us have seen with the massive popularity of social networks such as Facebook, online social networks can certainly contribute to big profits. Not that Apple needs to be concerned regarding its bank balance.

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