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The Apple Watch 2 is the best workout smartwatch on the market with a faster processor compared to Apple Watch series 1, waterproof down to 50 meters, heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking.

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  1. I must say I´m quite disappointed with my Watch Series 2, because I´m not so sure that HeartRate accuracy… When I´m running on a treadmill, sometimes the watch shows bpm 70… but the treadmill shows 120, for exemple… and I´m pretty sure that the treadmill is right…. So I have to move the clock on my wrist and, some secs later, it shows the same bpm… Thanks for the nice video 🙂 … Regards from Brazil!

  2. I'm not gonna upgrade to the new version apple should have had those features on the original model apple should add new features to make the original model better or apple should be the one to add the new features to the original version the original version is not even a upgrade they just moved something over a little bit and said it water proof apple should have a recall and fix it for all Appel consumers because Samsung would have done that so apple just do it

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