Why You Should Buy a Kindle 3G Wifi, Not an Apple Toy


It didn’t take Amazon long to figure out that they could whoop Apple’s butt by doing one thing with the Kindle 3G Wifi: offering free 3G Wifi anywhere in the world to Kindle 3G Wifi owners. This one thing gave them an edge on the Apple iPad and was all they needed to ramp up interest in the third generation Kindle.

This makes the Apple iPad look worse by the day. Not only is the iPad about $800 for the good version, plus $90 per month for calling service and Wifi, it’s big and bulky – too big to fit in a travel bag.

But the Kindle 3G Wifi on the other hand has a lot of things going for it.

First of all, the whole “free Wifi” thing is a great option. All you have to pay is the one-time fee of $189 for the Kindle device, and you’re ready to get free Wifi for the entire life of your ebook reader.

Then, there’s the slim, compact size. While Apple’s iPad reaches nearly 10 inches in height, the Kindle 3G Wifi measures a mere 4.8 by 7.5 inches – big difference! This makes it a lot easier to hold on the bleachers in between watching your kids round the bases and take water breaks.

Now, I will say this about the iPad. It’s a little easier to browse online on the iPad than on the Amazon Kindle 3G Wifi. But that being said, it’s a whole lot cheaper to use the Kindle as an internet browser than using an iPad, wouldn’t you say? So it’s well worth it to browse for free than to pay $90 for some internet connectivity!

Also, the Kindle 3G Wifi comes in two different colors, white and graphite. The graphite resists stains and fingerprints more than the white, but the white gives you that iPad look if that’s important to you. And of course, it’s easy to find decorative covers to put on the Kindle to give it some style of your own.

But do you know what I like best? The long battery life. Yep, the battery life on a Kindle 3G Wifi far, far, far surpasses its own predecessors as well as the iPad when it comes to battery life. Amazon says that it lasts up to three weeks when the Wifi is turned on and up to one month – one whole month! – when Wifi is turned off.

So you don’t have to cart around charging cables wherever you go in order to keep a charge long enough to get through “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.” You’ll have plenty of charge to get through your whole ebook with this kind of battery life!

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