Why Players Have Turned Against Pokemon Go


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Even though Pokemon Go has broken download records and attracted more players than any app in recent history, it didn’t take all that long for fan fervor to die down as frustrations with the game have risen. From not delivering on promises to outright cutting out vital parts of the game, here are a few reasons once-dedicated players have turned against Pokemon Go…

The three-step bug | 0:22
Terms of service | 1:03
The update | 1:39
Microtransaction manipulation | 2:29
No reply | 3:03
Shut it down | 3:33
Winter is coming | 4:21
Terrible GPS | 5:04
Plus disappointment | 5:47
No legendary events | 6:47

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  1. something that's weird is that if Pokémon doesn't want us to go to poke vision to help us find Pokémon, then why did they make stuff like strategy guides for games and allow YouTube videos?

  2. Yeah I e had it with niantic. I'm so pissed that I spent so much money on it. I don't live in a city and can only drive to pokestops and now I have to physically be stopped completely I front of a stop or it doesn't work. They've made it unplayable unless you're in NY LA or SAN Fran. Fuck niantic

  3. It look so different than in the trailer man….you can track how many metres your pokemon are, you can trade with your friend, you can battle Mewtwo, but now no………..

  4. Meanwhile, people at the park are watching me playing Pokémon Sun and Moon. They asked, "Is this Pokémom GO?"
    I said, "This is not a game for you!"

  5. I live in the suburbs so the only way to catch many Pokemon is to bring it with me on car rides, however the only reason I still play it is because there is a fantastic geographically biased state park spot near me that offers spectacular and immensely rare Pokemon, also I now need a Ditto, so…

  6. wow a simple concept ruined by corporate greed, hope they lose every cent to lawsuits and everyone gets fired and all the CEOs go to jail

  7. never been frustrated with the game. its awesome and just keeps getting better. wtf is this video even talking about. this makes no sense, the game is free so you cant get a refund. a caterpie can always swat a perfect throw if you don't time it right. I have never seen a stop closed. Never had a problem with gps or tracking distance.
    Recent in game events, release of Ditto and addition of Legendaries and Gen2 Pokemon to the games code have made me like the game more. It's fun and free, why would anyone stop playing?

  8. There was people still playing this thing?
    At least in my city, the "boom" lasted like 3 months. Now you have to be really lucky to find someone playing it. I uninstalled it not only because it was boring, full of bugs and battery drainer, but also because after the last updates, it fails to sign in.

  9. "you also can't catch pokémon that you haven't already caught" well that shows how much research was done for this one. The plus has a dedicated color on the light to show when you are encountering new pokémon and there is no problem catching them at all

  10. Welcome to Niantic's world… Those of us that play their older game Ingress really only stick with it because of the community of players that help and really make the game worth it. WE make this game interesting not them. Niantic have always been pathetic in the customer service department and they have NEVER listened to the community of players when it came down to what we would like to see and or what would really work best. PokeMon may have been a great idea but at the core it's only a single player boredom factory with no incentive to keep playing for any real payoff. I mean seriously what's it's goal? Catch them all? big deal. I got so sick and tired of pidgey I wanted to find a way to roast the next one that appeared on my screen. In Ingress, well this is literally war. We have to build up, farm for gear, coordinate with other real world players, play with tactics to cut off the other teams supply lines, work with sometimes multi state or even multi national teams for large Operations… we do this on our own. Ingress is just a means to get it done. We all knew how Niantic was when it came to the user base, that's why when we saw PokeMon come out we knew it wouldn't last as long. they didn't build in any community into that game and that is what keeps Ingress going, NOT Niantic

  11. i never bother playing it because i knew it was just a new flavor of the month , a passing fad it wouldn't last long & looks like i was right until the next new thing comes along

  12. I laughed when they introduced ditto. Just a cheap gimmick marketing scheme to include him. "Oh I have to catch every pokemon I cross paths with because it might be ditto." LOL that's a low blow and cheap. Add some more cool Pokemon, not a cheap Ditto.

  13. This game was so damn good. Had potential. Sadly this game is run by idiots. You would think with all the money they make , they would be able to make the game better.

  14. I quit a long time ago! the games terrible and you can never say you've caught 'em all cos your restricted from another 630 or somin like dat

  15. i hope my wife finds a new game obsession soon, driving her around in circles isn't much fun for me. she enjoys it, though, so that's why i do it. but, after a back surgery and four knee surgeries she's not hiking anywhere, not far anyways, and certainly not in the winter when it's 20 degrees outside. so, making it harder if not impossible to catch these dumb monster while driving is sure to kill the 'sport' for her… and not only her, as i see who plays this thing and a huge chunk of 'em never leave the comfort of their cars.

    go ahead, fuck this game up, you'd be doing me a personal favour. my wife will find something else, trust me, and i'll save a lot on gas money. i'm thinking that after the winter and these new bullshit 'rules' she'll lose interest and this, too, will go the way of 'mafia wars' and 'farmville', among other games, in her life.

  16. Would add the decrease of items acquired from pokestops to one major reason to not play. I don't want to pay 1 euro for 20 pokeballs, sorry, but just nope.

  17. Niantic are killing the game or they already have killed it who are the idiots that run these company's its fucking pathetic

  18. Good thing I never spent any real money on this app. You'd be surprised how far you can get in Pokemon Go without forking over all your cash just for a brief shortcut to a higher level. In the end, what matters most? Being a high level which means nothing in the long run, or enjoying the fresh air and exercise as you do what you enjoy doing?

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