Who Makes the Best LCD Tv?


When looking for purchasing LCD TVs, consumers often wonder “Who makes the best LCD TV?” Since LCD TVs are becoming intensely popular, discovering who makes the best LCD TV is becoming important to today’s money-savvy consumer before making their purchase. So how do you determine who the best LCD TV manufacturers are?

Any consumer wondering who makes the best LCD TV should first start looking into the backgrounds of LCD manufacturers. Some manufacturers have been in the business for years. Their outstanding experience in addition to their length of time participating in the industry are important testment to the quality of their LCD products. Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba and LG are all household well-known names with due cause: the companies usually produce superior consumer electronics products. When asking the question, “who makes the best LCD TV?” this certainly must be considered.

Of course, when it comes to questioning who makes the best LCD TV, consumers’ own preferences will clearly play a role in their selection. Not all LCD TV manufacturers make models loaded with every single features that a consumer might desire. Some treat LCD TV size offerings, screen size, resolution, image output as priorities in their list, while others may focus on HDMI inputs, compatibilities, sound quality and other features. For instance, if you are looking for a LCD TV to play video games, you might be interested in purchasing a LCD TV that has the fast response time. Likewise, some manufacturers excels in certain features, while others lead in other specifications. So you need to assess various factors in order to really figure out which LCD TV can best address your specific preferences.

Prices will obviously play a role for some looking to assess who makes the best LCD TV. Affordability is a key ingredient in answering the latter question, but the consumer never wants to forego quality for price. Checking out a few LCD TV reviews and consumer LCD TV ratings will certainly help you figure out what LCD TV you should buy. Carefully scanning over the features and specifications, what other consumers think of the product, and comparatively shopping are the fastest ways to find the best LCD TV for sale. The Internet is a perfect place to start the shopping and comparison process too: consumers don’t have to travel to access information or advice about what LCD TVs are the best. Here’s the list of leading manufacturers who makes the best LCD TV from LCDTVDeal.com.

Samsung: As the world’s leading consumer electronics brand, Samsung is well-known for its competitive prices as well as its ability to produce quality and reliable products. Samsung LCD TV comes with a variety of sizes ranging from 15″ – 60″+. Most come with multimedia PC/DVD/TV Inputs. One thing that really sets Samsung apart from the competition is its combination of great quality and stylish design. Samsung LCD TV is typically thin and light weighing under 100 pounds, yet loaded with lots of great features. With retail prices range between $399 to $5,999, Samsung has a LCD TV that fits every family’s budget.

Sony: Sony LCD TV has long been known for its superior quality and sleek design. Innovation, creativity and technology come together into play in the creation of Sony Bravia LCD TVs, bringing an unprecedented level of realism and stunning clarity to your movies, both visually and aurally. As one of the top LCD TV manufactures, Sony Bravia LCD TVs’ quality and durability are among the best, although their price tags are also a bit higher than those of budget brands.

: The consumer Electronics Giant makes LCD TVs in a wide range of sizes from 15″ to 52″. Available in both 16:9 wide-screen and standard 4:3 aspect ratio, Toshiba LCD TVs are famous for its quality and advance technology. Toshiba LCD HDTV’s don’t quite as much buzz as other high-end HDTV manufacturers, but you might just be surprised at what you get.

Sharp: Focusing mostly on the Aquous line, Sharp LCD TVs are often some of the more stylish ones on the market. Sharp LCD TVs come in 16:9 widescreen and standard 4:3 aspect ratio, with screen size ranging from 13″ to 50″+.

LG: South Korea’s LG is becomingly a leading brand in the LCD flat panel arena. Huge investment in the research and development results in the improvement of quality and boost the number of sales of LG LCD TVs. Available in a variety of screen sizes ranging from 19″ to 60″+, LG LCD TV is a great mix of style, quality and value with a mid-price tag. Add LG to your list if you are looking for a reliable TV at a decent price.

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