When are Legendary Pokemon Go characters going to arrive? Niantic drops hint


Pokemon Go developers Niantic have treated gamers to an array of special events over the past few months.

The augmented reality app swept the country – and the entire planet – when it was rolled out last summer.

And, with the one-year anniversary on the horizon, rumours have surfaced suggesting Niantic are about to unleash a Summer Event.

The move comes just weeks after a much-loved Easter Event was launched by the developers.

As part of the extravaganza, players managed to hatch a total of 87 million eggs.

Rumoured Pokémon Go event from Niantic to introduce SHINY characters

Now, Niantic’s Asian General Manager, Yoshiji Kawashima, has said that he is hoping that players will look forward to the huge event this summer.

Engineers are reportedly working hard on new functions that can be implemented.

Many have speculated the Summer Event will include new mechanics like a Player versus Player (PvP) function, player trading, and co-operative raids.

Fans are also suggesting that more Shiny Pokemon will be introduced – and the long-awaited Legendary Pokemon will be released this summer.

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This company is offering new dog owners PAID LEAVE to look after their pets

New research has revealed Pokemon Go users are twice as likely to reach their 10,000-steps-per-day goal.

The study suggests playing the popular augmented reality app may increase people’s daily steps.

The increase is especially prevalent among young adults with low physical activity levels.

In Pokemon Go, players move around a physical location capturing animated creatures on smartphones and other mobile devices.

The game became front page news when it was released amid a wave of publicity last July.

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