What’s new in macOS 10.12.2


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New features in macOS 10.12.2, including Touch Bar screenshots, Chinese Trackpad Handwriting added to Control Strip in Touch Bar, improved Auto Unlock with Apple Watch, and plenty of bug fixes.

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  1. thanks for this won't be updating as the battery time indicator of time remaining is actually accurate if you give it 10/20 minutes of doing the same task it will change accordingly to what your doing it just takes a bit of times to change

  2. Apple's latest feature: Made a smaller battery, then removed the battery timer so you don't see that it's worse than the old model.

  3. cmon really? they remove battery remaining indication because they can't deliver 10h battery life (obviously because it got 4200 mAh battery compared to previous models which had 6600mAh) and you are going to defend it? I own year old mac pro and battery remaining is very accurate on that machine.

  4. hey guys, I have a new mbp with non touch bar and I think there's no difference for mine. Do you also have review for this mbp? 🙂

  5. It takes forever to install!! i cancelled my update cause i need to use my mba. How long did it take to install the update???

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