What’s inside an Xbox One Elite Controller?


Let’s cut open the hard to come by and CUSTOM Xbox One Elite Controller!! We’ve wondered what they look like inside so we cut this one open!

This controller was custom designed by Controller Chaos. Take your gaming to another level by buying your own Controller Chaos featuring your favorite Youtube Gamer or Game.

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CONTEST: ****UPDATE**** One week has passed and we have announced the winner on our Instagram account. No more entries allowed as we have given the controller away. We are looking to do more giveaways on future videos so stay tuned.

We are so lucky to be sponsored by Controller Chaos for this video. All opinions on Controller Chaos are true and honest and they are ours.

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  1. It's amazing that you didn't just look up how to open the controller. 5 security t8 torqs bits and you would have opened it without a scratch. You look like a barbarian smashing a rock against that thing. Probably why it looks like you live in a super nice house and don't care about money. But seriously 5 screws no need for a cutting tool, use the hammer next time.

  2. can I have Xbox306 controller plz and wineries cus I want to play with my brothers and I have 1 controller so plzzzzzzzzzzzz I really need one gust I really need one and my dad won't get me one cus he doesn't have time gust please
    can I have one Also I wanted ONE FOR A Year so ya I need one

  3. what's inside yourself ?…. wait I know this one …. destroy destroy destroy destroy oh my god feel so good to destroy tings..( I do like your videos )

  4. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR VULCAN MIND !!! its got screws torx head with a hole but just take a peice of metal to break the center of the screws out . overkill has its place , but thats NOT IT!!!

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