What is the Best Game to Play on Xbox Live?


There are plenty of Xbox live games that are really interesting and answering the question, ‘What is the best game to play on Xbox life?” can be a really difficult question because we can never know which one to select and which Xbox live game to leave out. You can find a plenty of standard Xbox live games that you can have fun playing with your friends. One of the best games to play on Xbox live is Halo 2.

Halo 2 is one of the best sellers and there are many reasons for the same. Halo 2 is one of the most preferred game because it is lot of fun and at the same time it is also of the simplest Xbox live games. It requires both individual skills as well as team work to play this game. Halo 2 is a offshoot of Halo but with many advanced features. Those who have played Halo will find Halo 2 to be lot similar but soon they will realize that there are number of new features that they do not find in Halo. Halo 2 is simply addictive and never miss an opportunity to play Halo 2. In Halo 2 you can make use of many new tricks and you will be able to use more destructive combinations of the weapons. Halo 2 has included a number of new weapons not found in Halo.

Some of the new weapons include new energy sword which is a brilliant addition to this new version. Here the single player game too is equally exciting like the multiplayer games. Single player game in Halo 2 is much better than in Halo. Here you can trade out the damages in many ways. Another change here in Halo 2 is the health meter.

Halo 2 as also worked a lot on the interface. You will be able to see many interesting terrains as you play the game. This gives the Halo 2 players a fresh feel about the game. You will be able to find the new pathways only when you move to the higher levels. One of the improvements is that Halo 2 does not have too much of backtracking unlike the initial version. This is a very fast and lively game. There are plenty of exciting variations in this game making Halo 2 an excellent game. So the next time someone asks what is the best game to play on Xbox live, you know which game to suggest. Halo 2 can be enjoyed by all age groups so go ahead and enjoy your share of fun. Like all the other games, you will become an expert when you play the game for long enough. However, the difference here would be that you will never get bored of the game and you could be spending your entire weekend playing the game and you would still want more. So there is no doubt that Halo 2 is one of the best game to play on Xbox live.

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