What is the Acekard


Anybody who’s researched ds flash cards has come across numerous references to R4 and some of the more expensive ones like M3i, Supercard, and iEdge.  Unfortunately, they might skip over a card that retains many of the features and stability of a more expensive card without the premium, the Acekard 2i.  An important thing to note is that the Acekard team was the first team to develop a workaround for Nintendo’s card blocking technology for the DSi v1.4u.  

The Acekard 2i is the third card from the venerable Acekard team who have been making cards since 2006 for the Nintendo DS.  Their first card the Acekard and Acekard+ made a strong showing and by the time of the release of the Acekard 2.1 had solidly placed themselves at the head of the industry for good products.  There was a side project of a highly customizable Acekard R.P.G. which had some mild success, but by the time they hit their flagship product, the Acekard 2i, they had picked up a large following.  While the Acekard name has had a few hiccups, they seem to take responsibility for any diificulties

GBAtemp, one of the largest Nintendo ds card communities, consistently recommends the Acekard 2i.  That team has avoided a lot of the drama of other card brands for things like bad clones, stolen firmware workarounds, slow updates, and general manufacturer irresponsibility.   This team works fast, and efficiently.  Acekard users rarely have to wait long for patches and compatibility updates.  There is an alternative loader for the Acekard called the AKAIO software.  While it was not created by the Acekard team it has their full endorsement and improves loading speed as well as adds support for the EZFlash 3in1 slot-2 device for loading gameboy advanced game backups.

The Acekard 2ifeatures many useful assets like the ability to flash the firmware (provided that the DSi console hasn’t already been updated), Action Replay cheat codes, saving to the micro sd card, auto-patching for DLDI, multiple languages, four screen brightness settings, and reduced power consumption.  For those who enjoy customizing their menus the Acekard 2i is also skinnable.   The only major feature it seems to lack is Real Time Save but that typically requires a card with a higher cost.  

Look for the Acekard 2i in reputable shops like www.dscardworld.com who offer domestic US shipping and full support.

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