What Is an Antivirus Boot Disk


When a virus infects your system and has invaded a large part of your system and you cannot access your computer, the safest and the quickest way to solve this problem is by using an antivirus boot disk or CD.  Most recent antivirus firewall software programs include the ability to create such an emergency boot disk.

An antivirus boot disk is simply a bootable CD which enables you to detect and delete viruses that infect your computer and corrupt your files. With an antivirus boot disk, identifying and removing certain viruses is easy. Plus, it doesn’t give you the risk of further spreading the virus into your whole system.

Antivirus boot disks are safer ways to remove viruses from your computer. This allows your computer to inspect the contents of the disk rather than making the operating system load. This antivirus boot disk also enables you to completely scan your computer and tries to repair the damages caused by the virus.

Commercial antivirus manufacturers have been producing and distributing antivirus boot disk in the market. In a bootable setting, you are administrating a minimalist version or copy of Windows in an RAM disk. This enables the PC hard drive to be treated similar to a flash drive or any attachable storage device. An antivirus boot disk gives you a hundred percent success rate of removing viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, and other malware. Antivirus boot disks allow you to recover your system files after a tremendous virus or malware infection through switching your computer into safe mode. Then, afterwards, you can delete all viruses and malware in your system safely and surely.

Generally, you need to start the antivirus program you have in your computer like Avast, Kaspersky, Norton Symantec, BitDefender, or other antivirus software you have. Then, insert a blank CD-R or DVD-R into your disk drive. Afterwards, click on the icon about “Rescue” and click on “Create”. Choose “Yes” and continue. Then insert the blank CD or DVD to the appropriate drive prompted by the program. Select “Continue” after your antivirus program has made an antivirus boot disk.

Antivirus boot disks might be effective but the BART CD can provide you more advantages. It contains mechanisms for revising registry files and fixing disk faults.

In conclusion, when you shop for an antivirus firewall software program for use either at home or for your business, choose one that allows you to create an antivirus boot disk or a rescue disk.

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