What is a Pandora Battery?


What is a Pandora battery?

Pandora’s battery is a combination of a PSP battery plus an authentic Sony Memory stick Duo 1gb memory stick with modified special files. The battery itself has also been modified into a “special” battery that puts your PSP into recovery boot mode.

What does the Pandora battery allow me to do?

-repair a PSP that refuses to turn on
-install custom firmware 4.01 M33 and all future custom firmware versions

Does this Pandora battery work on both “fat” and “slim” PSPs?

Yes it does work on fat (PSP 1001 models) and newer slim (PSP 2001) models.

I have firmware ‘x” installed on my PSP. Will this work on my PSP?

Yes, the Pandora Battery kit will work regardless of what firmware is already installed on the PSP.

My friend also has a bricked PSP. Can the battery be used over again?

Yes the tool battery can be used as many times as you like again and again.

Would this harm my PSP in any way?

Absolutely not! The Pandora battery repairs your PSP from a brick and does not brick it.

What are the benefits of having PSP running custom firmware?

You can unlock the full potential of the PSP which is truly a powerful piece of hardware. You
should not have to be able to run only official games and software. With this homebrew software edition, now you can enjoy the benefits.
-Official Sony firmware – limits you to playing only PSP discs.
-Custom firmware lets you play ISO/CSO files (images you can make from those discs). By
doing this your PSP runs faster and smoother.
-Custom firmware allows you to move PSP video files directly to your PSP. Official firmware
forces you to purchase additional software to do it.
-Custom Firmware allows you to use “emulators” to run Nintendo games, N64,

SuperNintendo, Gameboy Color/Advanced, Atari, Playstation 1, Sega Genesis, arcade games and much more! PSP with custom firmware (CFW) also allows you to run homebrew games.

What is homebrew?

If you were to write a piece of software for the PSP on your own, it would be called “homebrew.” It is unsigned code that that is written outside of the commercial world. There are a variety of homebrew programs available for the PSP on the Internet.

Is Pandora battery made using a soft mod or a hard mod?

A soft mod involves altering the software so that the battery’s serial number is changed. A hard
mod involves actually opening up the battery and making alterations to the battery’s hardware.
Of course this battery has been modified (modded) using a soft mod. Hard mods are dangerous and there have been several cases in the news where the PSP catches on fire as a result of modifying it that way.

Factory Made Pandora Battery


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