What Are The Zhu Zhu Pets?


Zhu Zhu Pets are certain to be a hit with your child because they are an interactive and fun toy that is new. realistic hamsters are expected to be this year’s hottest new toy.

These four interactive hamsters are equipped with artificial intelligence and they has same personality. They have two modes of play for your child to enjoy. On explore mode, your child’s hamster will be able to move about in its hamster habitat or across the floor.

In loving mode.

The hamster can be petted and cuddled by your child as the Zhu Zhu Pets responds with chatters and sqeaks.

There are four Zhu Zhu Pet hamsters, each with their own name and personality. Chunk the laid backl surfer is a fun loving guy. Pipsqueak is a hamster with a lot of energy who loves adventure, such as running and playing. loves to explore, and is always on a mission.

Numnums,the hamster,loves to eat. pick the hamster with their favorite personality or they can choose to collect all four. Zhu Zhu Pet hamsters can be purchased one by one, in packs of two, or in packs of four.Like real hamsters, Zhu Zhu Pet hamsters have to have a place to live and play.

playsets that can be purchased for hours of fun for your child’s hamster.
This set includes 9 pieces for your Hamster including the Hamster Wheel and Tunnel, and the Hamster Bed and Blanket.  These are available as a package deal if you buy the hamsters as well.Zhu Zhu Pet hamsters will run on two AAA batteries.

Children over three years of age are sure to have fun with these adorable creatures. Many popular retailers offer Zhu Zhu Pets and their accessories.com.it is the perfect toy for younger kids who may not be ready for the responsibility of a living pet.These cute toy hamster do not make messes and require no clean up! In addition, Zhu Zhu Pet hamsters are fun, delightful, and just plain cute.

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