Watch Google Home struggle to answer


A new look to the Uber app that taps into your contacts to potentially share rides, a deep dive into Google Home, the product that tries to take on Amazon’s Echo, but some say fails, subscription based organic dog food, video doorbells and online dollar stores.

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  1. Can anyone ask Google for me, why can't I use the mail on YouTube's mobile site since they took over it? I'll be waiting like I have for years, 4 years to be exact. they want you to pay for the services they provide so they can make money to make their product better. many businesses do this. it's called having money before, then investing into your work. not having shitty service and not wanting to be called out on it until you're well established.

  2. It's funny the web page you show and claim Google promotes as ways to use Home actually shows the interface for Pixel. So is that you can't follow directions or are you intentionally misleading people about the product?

  3. The issues willbe fixed in software, you dont need a new gh for that, its just a microphone, speakers and internet…

  4. I can't even get mine to play music despite being linked to Pandora. My two Echos have worked better since the day they were released. Also, it appears that GH works well with Hue, but it won't pick up my emulated Hue devices because it relies on the APP instead of the API. In my opinion, Echo is better.

  5. The Google home came out on November 4th, he made the video on November 5th. Really???? Of course all of the features will not be available yet. What an idiot.

  6. there's a whole host of things it does do right that Amazon Echo can't. Asked the store hours of the Lego store in Kansas City. Success. asked "what is the address" Success. asked "how long will it take to get there". success…. pretty amazing to me. even recognizes and responds correctly to my 4 year old's voice

  7. You have to tell it who you are via the software first. Just like assigning a contact. I asked the same questions and it got them right. Learn the software first then comment .

  8. why not ask amazon echo the same questions lol I have both and the Google home actually beat my echo in way more important things

  9. USA today didn't do their research. Additional functionality is expected in December. It's not reasonable that he didn't mention that. The reference to v2.0 in the video shows a lack of understanding of how platforms like this develop. this is not what i'd expect from a legitimate news organization

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