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Endhiran is a 2010 tamil movie directed by Shankar (indian, boys, mudhalvan fame) starring rajani kanth and aishwarya rai in lead roles. Music is composed by oscar winner A.R Rahman. Editing done by Anthony. Enthiran movie is a sure hit in box office with super star and ex miss world as cast not to mention rehman’s music.

Rajnikanth’s most awaited film “Endhiran” is all set to hit theatres today. The film stars South superstar Rajnikanth and Bollywood diva Aishwarya Rai. “Endhiran” is Shankar’s dream project. The film has great visual effects, something that has never been seen in any Indian film ever. “Endhiran” has been released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The movie tickets of ‘Endhiran” were sold like hot cakes even prior to the release of the film.

Advanced booking had started in Chennai last Saturday and within an hour all tickets were sold. Diehard fans of Rajnikanth were seen standing in queues outside cinema halls from 3 in the morning to get their tickets. Age is no bar with respect to Rajnikanth’s fans. Endhiran” is the most costly Indian film till date. A whopping amount of US $43 million has been used in the making of the film. The “Endhiran” fever is also seen in US where all tickets were sold out prior to its release. The film will be released in numerous foreign countries like US, Malaysia, UK, Australia and Singapore. It has also received a U certificate from the Censor board. In the film Rajnikanth plays a double role. On the one hand he plays the role of a Robot and on the other that of a scientist. Scientist Rajni develops a Robot with artificial intelligence for the development of the country.

This Robot behaves like a human being, writes romantic poems and falls in love with Aishwarya Rai. The villain tries to capture the Robot and get control of it due to his extraordinary intelligence. The Robot is saved from falling into the hands of the enemies and the evil forces with the help of scientist Rajni.

The movie is getting kudos from all the corners prior to its release.

Click Here To Watch Endhiran Movie Online

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