Watch Dogs 2 Graphics Comparison: PS4 vs. PS4 Pro


A detailed look at the graphical fidelity of Watch Dogs 2 on Playstation 4 compared to the Playstation 4 Pro’s 4K option.

24 Hour Timelapse in Watch Dogs 2 on PS4 Pro

5 Minutes of Watch Dogs 2 Running on PS4 Pro

Watch Dogs 2’s San Francisco vs. Real Life:

Touring San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2:

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  1. Okay, for the people saying there's no differences, there is. I feel like some of you are blind. Most of you can't tell. I can see the difference but it is minimal. The colors and shadows are definitely better on the pro. Not by a lot though. Try watching on a bigger screen and you'll easily notice.

  2. The only main differences between the PS4 and the Pro are supposed to be 4K and HDR. If your monitor doesn't have either, you will see no difference.

  3. I think i'll stick with the pc wich has 60 fps, and doesn't require a 4k tv to see graphical improvements (oh, and it accually looks better)

  4. a diferença é que no pro tem menos serrilhado mas quando vc estiver entertido vc não vai procurar olhar isto seus pau no cu

  5. Ubisoft said they were focusing on pc first. The Ps4 pro version is the same (except for resolution) because pc version isn't out yet. When it is there will be some form of patch for certain things.

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