Watch Arvind Kejriwal Facebook live on demonetization where he exposed Modi


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  1. Mere man ki baat bol di. I also want to add that there is a bankruptcy law due to which all businessmen can walk free after declaring bankruptcy.

  2. Partly you are right with regards to corruption…agree, but why can't you see the overall big picture. We gave 60 yrs to correct this, let's wait for another 3 years . Things are changing , let's give a chance at least it's the beginning….could you please concentrate on Delhi people have very high expectations from a very high educated person like you and please don't disappoint them ..they are the mirror of India as it is the capital city and it reflects India in a very big way…… Nothing personal Kejriwal

  3. Don't understand how NPA can be written off based on Deposits made by citizens. NPA writeoff is done against loan provisions or profit reserves….kindly answer..

  4. dimag me toh tatti bhari hai tere… bhai logo ye astin ka saamp hai. politics all over. itne aarop modi pe lagaye to koi sabut bhi dikha deta. belan.

  5. iss aadmi ko itta seriously kyu lete ho applog??
    yea pura pagal hai. Isko mental asylum me daal do.
    Iss kejriwal ko Gaali dena toh Gaali ka Bezzati krna hoga….

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