War Thunder: NVIDIA Ansel


NVIDIA Ansel technology is now available in War Thunder. With this powerful, easy-to-use game camera, virtual pilots and tankers can capture amazing screenshots right from the epicenter of the battle. Players can stop time from within replay of a battle and make a screenshot in any moment of the fight. Find more information about Ansel on official NVIDIA GeForce website


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  1. This doesn't fix some issues in the game, however, I think this is really great. I appreciate you guys getting this all set up and I can't wait to try this out… especially on my new computer that comes in a few days.

  2. can console peasants use this to or are we left till last as usual…you know like were a bunch of cunts…like we dont get enough grief from dick head kids with shit hole p.cs who make them selves feel better by calling us peasants. like the tosser the other day in chat who gave me shit for being able to type on ps4. yet said nothing about the 3 kill carry while he was dogfighting in a halifax!

  3. when are they going to make it where PS4 players can make custom emblams or paint like on PC? also need to make it where if someone buts premium,even for a short time and buy extra emblams with premium that all 4 dlots stay open for that tank. getting tired of buy extra for a tank and then cant use again later on

  4. Dear Gajin.

    I realy would like an option where you could send a replay to your friends. It may be difficult sending video data to a different system but then my friends and I can watch and learn from each others gameplay.

    Lovely greetings: TheREALDestroyer

  5. Hey! I have a problem, T 26 American heavy tank is a tank that acts like a tank medium heavy load, it is classified as heavy but does not behave like one, even the M 26 is better than armor than this tank, so please correct the problem, or decrease the tank raiting
    PS I do not know exactly where to report this problem.

  6. If you keep using NVIDIA technologies then why not temporal AA, like TXAA. The game suffers from shimmering like none you've seen before. Its like a PS2 era game.

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