Wanted – Apple Ipad Testers


You have probably heard of the Apple iPad by now. You have also most likely seen it in promotional materials and advertisements. You must know that it is said to be Apple’s greatest technology to date. Some reviews say iPad gives the notebook a run for its money. You are sure that many people are getting ready for its release in the market. What you may not know is that you can own an Apple iPad completely free!

Most companies conduct a trial period for their new products to know what people think. This method gives them the chance to improve their products before fully releasing or selling them to the public. Consumers who test and review a product are called testers. In this case, they are the Apple iPad testers.

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Apple launched the iPad early this year. Although some pieces can already be purchased, the company is still in its consumer testing stage. This is where iPad testers enter the picture. For being a tester, you can get a free iPad.

Be aware that there are many illegal or unlicensed websites that take advantage of this new product. If such websites claim you need to pay a certain fee before you could get a free iPad, the odds are it is a big fraud. Apple, like any major company does not charge their product testers for anything.

Consumer testing usually takes place soon after the initial launch. In 2 months time, iPad will be sold in the market and the opportunity to get a free iPad might be slim. Just imagine the competition, demands, and more complex processes. Right now however, by being an iPad tester, the process is simple. In no time at all, you can get your free iPad…before the rest of the world does.


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