Walmart Black Friday DC Box Unboxing – November 2016


I unbox the Black Friday 2016 DC box from Walmart! Super psyched I was able to find one of these early to show you guys!

Box will be available at Walmarts everywhere on Black Friday!

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  1. That is cool box. I will have to be on look out for this next time I go to walmart here in nj. Thanks for the heads up that some here in NJ where releasing them early.

  2. i barely heard about these this morning i was kinda hoping you got something different other than the killer croc to verify there are other variants but still an awesome pop and one i must get also. great video

  3. Great unboxing. Just subbed. I like all of those items. The Dorbz and POP are must-haves for me. Did the box have a letter on it anywhere like the SDCC Barnes & Noble box?

  4. Lol I'm an idiot. I totally thought that was batman at first. We don't get the same selection of Pops over here in New Zealand.

  5. my Walmart never gets anything also didn't know about this box you are literally my news hookup I love it! Batman the animated series is my all time favorite super hero cartoon its soo good hope they release a Animated series TwoFace pop wicked cool vid

  6. subbed to you you're a banging gorgeous gal and also dam spectacle when it comes to gal unboxers you bring the problem to the boxing world sera dawn you get a Golden Star highest review lowest the Copper star you obtain the Gold

  7. Great vid! It bugs me that they went out of their way to place all the different logos yet the box is really just a "Batman mystery box". lol

  8. I live in Long Beach, CA and the closest 2 Walmarts don't carry ANY Pops. It doesn't help both Walmarts have clerks who cant do their job and customers who let their kids rip shit up. As for the box its neat but ehh I personally don't care for it. Have you got the Nightmare Before Christmas mystery box from Hot Topic?

  9. Hey I'm not kidding but I thought they were supposed to be $10 and they rung up $20 each and the lady gave them to me for $10 each! I got two!!!

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