Walk-through of the Moto App on the Moto X Pure Edition (Style)


I go over what is missing from the Moto app, what stayed and what has been added along with how to perform the actions.

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  1. Good videos on the Moto X Pure Edition. I have a question. Will the twist to launch camera work when the phone is locked? I'm thinking of getting one. Thanks for sharing your Moto X with us.

  2. thank you your the only person I've found who actually did a walkthuorgh of this I'm getting it but it sucks you can only order it

  3. Can you do a gaming test with s6 or edge+ ? I want to know how warm the edge+ or s6 gets. And just check out the Moto X graphics performance.

  4. If I had to pick only two channels to get information and reviews on smartphones, it would be yours and MKBHD's.You have different styles, but I think you each approach them with a similar mindset.
    Great stuff. Looking forward to more.

  5. Great demonstration! Not sure if you have other phones but would be interested to see if it does better than other phones data speed wise. So if you took its Sim out and put it in another phone, would it get the same speed. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. I was close to counting this phone out from all the horrid battery life talk out there but I'm reconsidering.

  6. Moto X is the best phone ever made, every year! not because of specs (which are always as good as the reasonably need to be) but because the features are so elegant and useful to the actual user, unlike the gimmicky stuff you see in other phones. Motorola's implementation of smart features still feel like sci-fi magic in an age when smartphones have become so normal. mad respect for your videos bruh, i'm always pulling for motorola because i have so much love for their Moto X line

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