Verizon Samsung fascinated Droid vs HTC Incredible


Motorola Android Droid Froyo 2.2 Upgrade is available on Verizon Wireless. The carrier launched the U.S. Milestone Motorola Flash update. For users installing the update, you can install the operating system Android 2.2 Android Market Adobe Flash 10.1

HTC Droid Incredible

HTC Droid Incredible
Update 1910 provides Adobe Flash 0.1 support, high speed web browsing, as well as a USB tethered and new 720p(1280? 720 pixels) video recording. Other Android smartphones will get update Froyo? At the beginning of September?.
Samsung S Galaxy will receive this year for Android 2.2 HTC Droid Incredible begin? In the second half of this year.? Reports suggest that the highly anticipated update will be released soon. You can also install an internal memo leak Verizon wireless updates start rolling tomorrow.
Verizon said the new Froyo Droids? Update software changes that will provide improved security,
Meanwhile, there are reports that Samsung is fascinated by the Verizon may adversely affect the sales of Motorola Droid second

Via: Verizon Samsung fascinated Droid vs HTC Incredible

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