Use These 2 Tricks to Bypass Google Slap


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I guess by now you would have heard of Google’s latest keyword feature made available. If you haven’t, here’s the details…

Previously, Google does not share the stats of the search for a particular keyword so you won’t know how much volume is being searched for the keyword you’re bidding. With this new Google Adword Keyword Tool, you’re no longer left in the dark.

With this tool alone, you’ll be able to save so much money from other paid keyword tools. Here’s the link,

I think the best way to use Adwords is to generate leads or build a list by sending the traffic to a ‘squeeze page’ or an opt-in page.

However, even with the right keywords, you’ll still need to know how to bypass the “Google Slap” so that you won’t overpay for your ads.

Let me explain – everyone was happy until Google had a new website evaluation system where they came up with a list of things to rank good quality websites. So a lot of people were penalized by it because their squeeze pages are not following the terms.

This is named as the “Google Slap”– a new quality score criteria algorithm that Google set for the advertisers. The damage is this- if you’re getting a click for only $0.10, it can suddenly jump to $5 a click! When that happens, it’ll be impossible for you to continue advertising because your budget will not permit anymore.

But you don’t have to worry. I’m going to share two ways below on how to have a ‘good quality’ squeeze page that will beat the “Google Slap”…

First of all, a lot of people are really confused about landing pages and are convinced that Google is anti-squeeze page and anti-lead capturing. That’s not true.

One of Google’s policies is that, if you’re offering something in your ad that’s “free”, it really must be free. So on your landing page, make sure you’re giving something away for free. For instance, some ads mention ‘free bonus’. But when the visitors goes to their landing pages, there’s a string attached like it’s only free if they buy a product. That’s NOT FREE without a catch.

This goes the same to any description you have on your ad. Believe it or not, Google doesn’t like the salesletter format webpages that we, internet marketers like to use. The primary reason is because there aren’t any navigational links and they think it’s difficult to browse around. So if you can, avoid hardcore salesletters as landing pages.

In your squeeze page, have a link on it to other of your webpages. By doing like this, it makes your landing page seems to be like a ‘real’ website– that it’s not the only page. For me, I put an outgoing link from the squeeze page to my blog, making it more ‘real’.

In a nutshell, regardless of whatever challenges you’re having with advertising through Google Adwords right now, you should never ignore this marketing channel.

By far, this is one of the most powerful ways to get traffic because you’re attracting highly targeted visitor and you’re in control. When I launch a product online, a huge percentage of my customers were from Adwords advertising – that’s how I know it works.

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