Update Brings More Bonuses, Rewards


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Rockstar Games is once again on a roll, as a new update has arrived to “Grand Theft Auto V.” Interestingly, this update brings a new set of bonuses and rewards.

YouTube/Rockstar GamesRockstar Games has brought new bonuses and rewards to “Grand Theft Auto V.”

According to Express, many initially believed that the update would have something to do with the Gun Runner content of “Grand Theft Auto V.” Unexpectedly, it turned out to be Rockstar’s way of releasing more bonuses and rewards to help replenish the in-game bank accounts of every player. It is currently ongoing and will last until May 25.

Apart from the aforementioned stuff, players of the hit crime-themed game also receive double GTA$ and RP in two in-game adversary modes. These are namely the Juggernaut and the Resurrection. Rockstar is definitely making the game a bit more interesting.

The studio also introduces an array of discounts in “Grand Theft Auto V.” These will cover all the vehicles from Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit, along with some select mods and clothing. All of these are offered to the players with a whopping 25 percent discount. As for the Rockstar-created Stunt Races and Special Vehicle Races, they will offer double in-game currency and payouts.

It is worth noting that just recently, Rockstar introduced new missions and Heists in the game via an event, as reported by Blorge. Here, players acquired double bonuses and rewards for every challenge they surpassed. The video game company also went to introduce a premium race for every fan to join and enjoy.

As for the rumored “Grand Theft Auto V” update, many believe that it will be coming this month. However, with the recent changes Rockstar has brought, it is very unlikely for such to happen. Instead, it might be released to the game via the Gun Runner update. The latter’s release date remains unknown, but the studio already iterated a summer release window.



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