Upcoming Xbox One/PC EXCLUSIVES Gameplay Compilation


In this video, we take a look at Gameplay from the Upcoming Xbox One & PC Exclusives. Which of these titles are you interested in? Comment your thoughts on the Upcoming Xbox One/PC EXCLUSIVES Gameplay Compilation! These are the Top 12 Upcoming Xbox One/PC EXCLUSIVES Gameplay Montage.

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Halo Wars 2
Forza Horizon 3
Dead Rising 4
Gears of War 4
Crackdown 3
Sea of Thieves
State of Decay 2

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  1. I don't see the point in having a Xbox you can play all these games on pc and its guna blow away the graphics too

  2. I think with these upcoming games videos it would go a long way to include the release date or speculated date at each of the title screens for the games.

  3. The moment when you realize never would be a full X1 exclusive list again. All on PC now.

    Anyways, just the first trimester of 2017 on PS4 it's better than all those.

  4. Don't worry about platform exclusives, Just appreciate and play your games. In the these companies still takes your money regardless of your platform preferences.

  5. Sorry but dead rising 4 looks like an xbox 360 game. Sure still in early development (hopefully) but it just looks meh.

  6. xbox one s
    4k yes
    4k bluray yes
    True HDR 10 yes
    xbox project scorpio
    native 4k at 60fps yes
    all games well be pc versions
    scale bound
    gears 4
    forza horizon 3
    day z
    half life 3
    state of decay
    crack down
    dead rising
    halo wars 2
    killer instinct
    sea of thieves
    now just add the multiplats Ohh yes it's good to be in the Xbox nation

  7. I love it man Microsoft loyalist have been rewarded our game community expands windows the new metropolis of online gaming see you there

  8. Xbox needs to do what ps4 is doing and just start from scratch and make new exclusives. Like come on no one wants to play dead rising for like the 8th year in a row, give us something new like days gone.and gears of war was dead since the 3rd one. And state of decay just felt generic when I had it on pc hopefully the new one is better.

  9. I love both systems. PS4 for my Japanese games, Xbox to play with my friends. The idea of Xbox games being released on pc too really isn't a bad one when you look at it from a positive perspective, especially if they include cross play. It really doesn't matter what has better graphics or if it runs at a few frames higher on a different console, as long as the game is fun. Look at the order 1886, gorgeous graphics, game left much to be desired. And PC gaming is great, it really is, and I believe everyone should experience it at least once. But there's just a certain allure to the consoles, I was disappointed with this generation of consoles and built myself the best PC money could buy, and while it was great and games played at resolutions I didn't even know possible and the frame rate was above 140, it honestly bored me. Sure lots of people play pc games, but my friends still played on their underpowered consoles and here I was playing with strangers. Not everyone can afford a really high end system, and while nowadays the prices of hardware have become more affordable, some people just like consoles. And now that I've gone from console to PC and back to consoles it's much easier to enjoy gaming. I've realized it's not what you play on, but who you play with that makes the whole experience worthwhile. Nowadays I mostly use my PC for MMOs and those weird games that would only exist in the PC universe. Anyway, sorry for long rant just thought I'd share my personal experience in this sad pissing contest created by console makers to create hype .

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