UP CLOSE PAD VIDEO – SpaceX Falcon 9 Historic Reflight Of Booster Carrying SES-10


Here are video clips from cameras placed next to the launch pad at the KSC Launch Complex 39-A (LC-39A). They recorded the historic first launch of an unmanned orbital class booster. The Falcon 9 on its first reflight successfully deployed the SES-10 commercial communications satellite. After launch the reusable first stage flew itself back to Earth and landed on the ASDS droneship Of Course I Still Love You in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida. Video Credit: Matthew Travis / Zero-G News

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  1. Burning Kerosene and lox is not clean and is highly corrosive and not a relatively high efficiency burning fuel, and should not be used in a reusable rocket. Who cares about the price of space. Safety is way more important to, soon, passengers. It's great technology that you can return the first stage rocket back to a pad, but is it warranted? It looks like you're bragging more than saving money. You can't possibly have a large payload, or think about a human habitat into space…

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