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The UNCHARTED franchise is coming to the PS4. Developed by Naughty Dog, UNCHARTED will be made exclusively for the PS4 system.

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  1. i really want to know how this story will be come cuz i really didnt like the end of uncharted 4 … but it's still great

  2. I absolutely loved the story and characters we got but It'd be super interesting to see how this Sam would have been like

  3. Remember that this was presented as "Uncharted", so it is possible that they change God of War's title to "God of War 4" as well.

  4. I'm seeing how people are all like, "Man I wouldn't have liked it if Sam was the bad guy, I'm glad they re-wrote this." I think people are thinking of this as if Sam and Nate would have still been brothers, if Naughty Dog headed in the direction of this trailer's plot line, Sam wouldn't have been rewritten as Nate's brother.

  5. an interesting thing about this teaser that no one seems to talk about is how it opens pointing at the Cape of Good Hope. for those of you who don't know it this was a place very hard for navigators to go through and myths about mystical beings living there appeared for no one could explain why no ship came back from it. maybe in amy's version that would be an epic set-piece, in the middle of that storm, or maybe that's where we would find the supernatural twist… who knows

  6. Wow, this is incredibly, drastically different from what we got. This makes Sam out to be the villain, out for revenge against Nate. I wonder what that story line would have been like.

  7. I'm glad the way we changed the game. I love how it ended . Nobody important died and it just felt like a good , positive way to send the franchise off into the sunset… p.s. Uncharted 5 Cassie is a little older and goes treasure hunting only to be kidnapped by goons . Drake and elana and the rest of the team have to set out on an adventure to rescue her with sully having a fatel heart attack on one of there dangerous missions and when the game ends after 30+ hour campaign. The tourch is finally passed to Cassie. Source, ex-ND employee.

  8. I really like the Uncharted 4 we got, but I honestly think that this would have made a better story. I'd love if they decide to release the details of this version.

  9. came here to compare. The last of us 2 trailer came out, and I'm trying to find out when it will release. they put this trailer our 2 and a half years before the game came out, so that means it will take until 2019 or 2018 for tlou 2 comes out.

  10. It definitely would've felt weird knowing this guy would be voicing the Sam we know now like he doesn't sound or compare to Nolans voice so it'd be hard to cast him as Nates brother but Troy Baker definitely nailed the part. Still wonder what this plot here in the trailer could've been.

  11. I'm so glad that Neil Druckmann and Josh Scherr changed the story and got Troy Baker in as Sam. My only disappointment with Uncharted 4 was…


    That the Hector Alcazar thing wasn't real. I thought he'd be the perfect bad guy over Rafe.

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