Unboxing the 15″ Late 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar – Apple Space Grey


Brian Larsen goes through the unboxing of the 15″ Late 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. 2.7GHz processor and 1TB SSD.

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  1. Does the new MacBook Pro feel like it gets as hot to the touch as the previous model you had? My 2012 13" MBP is a little furnace and I'm wondering if the new machines will run cooler.

  2. I just bought the old 2015 retina MBP instead of the new one because there are so many things that i like in the old model that apple took away including the magsafe, sd card, usb, usable keyboard, shiny logo. and above all it is much cheaper now.

  3. Hi Brian!
    Great video! I do have a question to ask you about the Touch Bar:
    I work in music myself and I'm wondering if Apple has created anything specific in regards to the Touch Bar's functionality with Logic Pro (maybe you've had the chance to try that)?
    Because Apple never mentioned the Touch Bar with Logic Pro on their website (only Final Cut Pro, Safari, photos, messages, etc…). They even showed how the Touch Bar can be used in Final Cut Pro to scroll through the video timeline, shortcuts, etc… But no mention of Logic Pro adaptation. Thanks Brian!

  4. Everything apple pro said the extension cable is under the box
    (so you basically take the hard plastic out from inside the box and the extender should be under it)

  5. nice video, but I see no comparison with 2016 macbook pro? anyway, have a macbook pro early 2015, is worth it to exchange for 2016? I do mainly programming thereon so, you have experience with macbook pro 2013 ,what is your opinion?

  6. Not for Pros. Alienware is better for Laptops Quad core CPUs latest 1070 GPU 32 gigs DDR4 2400 or 2667 and a touch OLED screen plus fully upgradeable by the user. You can put 2 terabytes of HDs in it. This is a toy. No ports old tech overpriced.

  7. you need a separate MIC, i got my MacBook Pro at max volume and still you are quiet! FYI. or when editing pay attention to audio levels and adjust to compensate

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