UK Nest Thermostat Demo – Installed & Running


Please take a look at my UK Nest Thermostat Unboxing Video Here:

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  1. mate – word of warning from a fellow internet friend. You are displaying all the information to get yourself hacked! From your postcode in hull to MAC address and router name. I'd cut that bit out if i were you!! But thanks for showing us the Nest – it looks cool.

  2. I changed all of my  A/C controllers out with Nest thermostats. For the first time in 2 years all of the rooms in the home  are the same temperature and the fans stop when the desired temperature has been reached. It is far more comfortable than before as the A/C runs at low speed when it cuts in so does not blast out so much. It took 2 days to get rid of the condensation on the outer surface of the vents as the system before left the fan running after the compressor stopped so drew in humidity and I can control A/C with my mobile.
    Yousef fitted these A/C controller for my home, his contact  number is

    Mobile Dubai : 0506859285

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