Two Way Radios – Paired-up Communication


Alternatively being called as walkie-talkies and even dispatch radios, two way radios are hand held mobile communication devices, which evolved out of the radio transmitters and receivers used by naval and army units in the early 20th century. As the world moved ahead in style and things progressed in every areas, the bulky radio equipments gave way to small and effective portable communication devices.

Coming out of the closet, these communication devices have gone through some pretty commendable research and development processes. Two way radios can be classified into various categories based on their abilities and the features they contain. But, mostly these wireless communication devices differ on the basis of their radio signal channels.

American telecommunications legend Motorola has attained phenomenal success in the field of two way radios courtesy of a wide variety of these hand held devices. Some of the radios even had push to talk buttons to get connected right away. With their efficiency and accessibility, these devices can actually sound as better options than mobile phones in some instances.

Two way radios of the present times have improvised much on their abilities as more and more manufacturers have applied their technology to capitalise on the rising popularity of these devices. The obsolete two way radios worked on the ordinary simplex mode, which simply allowed transmission of signals by a station as the frequency was used by all the users. This moved on to the full duplex mode, which allowed transmission and reception at the same time.

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