Touch Screen Smart Mobile the Motorola A810


Motorola A810 White Unlocked Tri Band GSM Touchscreen Cell Phone. Finally, a full-featured, touch screen mobile device at an affordable price. An easy to use touch screen interface with access to e-mail and Internet, make it simple to manage your busy professional life, while an integrated MP3 player, FM radio and video recording/playback capabilities help stimulate your senses during downtime.

 Motorola-A810-Excellent-BlackWith a large touch screen display and Motorola’s advanced handwriting recognition, it’s easy to communicate whether you are sending or receiving SMS or e-mail. Text entry is as easy as using the stylus to write directly on the 2.2″ interactive screen. For even more visual communications, shoot, snap and share pictures or video with the built in 2 megapixel camera and video recording and playback functionality.  

 Be the envy of your friends with the sleek and chic A810. The A810 provides the functionality and features you desire at a price you can afford. The touch screen display and user-friendly interface allow for quick text entry and easy navigation.

 There is a 2-megapixel camera, microSD memory , Bluetooth and an FM radio. Lack A810 GPS, 3G or WiFi, but a positive thing is that Motorola A810 is much more compact than the A1600 and A1800 and it weighs only 100 grams.As for the A1600 is really aimed at mainland China. The A810, A1600 and A1800 have some intelligent technology integrated into them, and partly because the range MOTOMING, Motorola is still a lot of success in China, even though sales fell in the rest of the world.

Remember the Motorola A810, mobile screen with touch screen and the Linux operating system Mobile. First we talk about a triband GSM, with support EDGE but no UMTS. The screen is a classic 240 × 320 by 2 inches and FM radio and 2 megapixel camera are confirmed. Purchase Purchase Online

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