Top 5 things Google Home can do that Amazon’s Alexa can’t


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Google’s smart speaker outdoes Amazon in some key ways.

Top 5 things Amazon’s Alexa can do that Google Home can’t:
Google Home review:
Top 5 reasons to buy a Google Home (and 3 not to):
17 questions for the Google Home and Amazon Echo:

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  1. I don't like how the Home has no Bluetooth support so you can't stream music from non Chromecast supported applications, the Echo supports Bluetooth so you can use any app to play sound over the speaker.
    Then Google has Works with Nest which will most likely make non Nest compatible devices unsupported with full functionality while Echo has no allegiance to either Works with Nest or HomeKit so it would support more devices with all their functions.

  2. Unfortunately, Google Home cannot (yet) play anything from my Play Music library. It plays music, but not from my personal library. Hope they fix that soon.

  3. Meh. Home has not lived up to hype at all. At best it's comparable to Echo, at worst it has serious catching up to do, especially with third party providers. Echo has dominated the market and will continue to do so for at least a few more years.

  4. I'll accept all the disadvantages you mentioned about Alexa in favor of just one thing that it does better… home automation. Plus, they're not biggies by any means.

  5. There are things akexa can do that home can't. My son got Google home and was disappointed. He wished it had echo ability. But in all darkness.. Alexa has a few years head start

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