Top 5 PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailers – Best Games of PlayStation Experience 2016 Reaction


Top 5 PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailers – Best Games of PlayStation Experience 2016 Reaction

Hey how’s it going peeps. I am going to look at the 5 games that excited me the most during PlayStation Experience 2016. For those who don’t know PlayStation Experience, also known as PSX, is an annual event for the video game industry presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment used to reveal and advertise PlayStation games and game-related merchandise. During PlayStation Experience 2016 there was so many games announced and so many trailers shown so picking 5 was really difficult. There are some gems that I have left out but the 5 games that I selected as the best games of PlayStation Experience 2016 or PSX 2016 had more effect on me whilst watching.

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  1. Can't for Crash, Death Stranding, and definitely the Last of Us Part 2. That trailer gave me chills, and if rumors about why Ellie going on a rampage is true…then some man tears might be shed lol

  2. TLOU pt 2…that's all you need. I don't think I'm the only who believe that it will be legendary, can't wait to see more info on it and when it comes out.

  3. I had the same experience with Parappa the Rapper back then! Such a great game, it's kinda timeless as well. Awesome video, man! Btw, I just brought back the Wall of Subscribers and you were in that episode as well ;)

  4. ok this gonna be my list for this one top 5 PlayStation Experience 2016
    5 – marvel vs capcom infinite: i don't know how happy to see it happen the first trailer boom megman x already it is so much amazing to see him it is so worth to buying it i'm so hyped up for it
    4- crash bandicoot remastered trilogy: now i know i would put parappa the rapper remaster but crash got me first wow rash bandicoot remastered trilogy now that is worth it getting it all 3 in one game is so much better the gameplay is really amazing to see
    3- Horizon: Zero Dawn: ever since e3 trailer my big brother told me about Horizon: Zero Dawn it looks very fun game is like farcry but in 3rd person is really fun to play with
    2- windjammers: ya ya why i put windjammers on it is old game will yes it is old form neogeo but is in remaster form same old gameplay with online this time i'm so happy to see old game finally get's love they needed it once it comes out i'm going to play and record online matches
    1-Sonic Maina: you'll know i love sonic games alot why not this one i loved sonic mania the gameplay the framerate is all amazing the music is very catchy to hear even trailer song once is comes out i'll buy it and start recording playthrough for it

  5. Ahaha now that was one extremely entertaining top five best g@mes trailer experience alright nicely done brO thanks for sharing keep-em coming enjoyed watching and always massive thumbs-up from me :D

  6. Ha, I think everyone played that Parappa demo disk. I hope they fix the controls/timing when they remaster it, I found it wasn't great replaying it recently, but the game itself is so charming. I'm also really excited for The Last of Us 2.

  7. Great list man. Those games Sony came with in the Playstation Experence suprise the hell outta me. And The last Guardian Jesus!

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