Top 12 Upcoming 2016 PS4 / PlayStation 4 Games with the BEST GRAPHICS


In this video, we take a look at the Top 12 Upcoming 2016 PS4 Games with the BEST GRAPHICS. Which of these games looks the best to you? Are there any games that you think we missed? Comment your thoughts on 12 Upcoming 2016 PlayStation 4 Games with the BEST GRAPHICS. This is the Top 12 Upcoming PS4 Games with the Best Graphics in 2016.

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#12 – NieR Automata

#11 – NIOH

#10 – Ghost Recon Wildlands

#9 – Mafia 3

#8 – For Honor

#7 – No Man’s Sky

#6 – The Last Guardian

#5 – Gran Turismo Sport

#4 – Deus Ex Mankind Divided

#3 – Horizon Zero Dawn

#2 – Battlefield 1

#1 – Final Fantasy XV

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  1. This is a False classement But FinalFantastXV release in 2016 or TC Wildlands release in 2017 this is Why in the trailer No can see All poser of the graphics

  2. Man, am I the only one who's pumped up about Nier Automata????? I don't really see people talk about that game…

  3. gt sport physics looks like shit but that's because the demo was multiplayer.
    If they sort the fucking sounds out and give us more customization it will be excellent.

  4. who else votes for a GTA6, a more realistic saints row without al the funky g*y stuff, and a better fallout with no glitches and bugs?

  5. The first thing I came here was go in the descriptions to see if battlefield 1 was in here. Wooo! Thank goodness

  6. Really don't see what the fuss is about. Nioh looks like it feels like shit to play however goddamn i wish dark souls and bloodborne had dismemberments

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