Top 10 Hidden Gems Of The Last Console Generation (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)


If you have moved to the new generation of consoles but want to at least play those games that have to be a must to experience, we have you a list of games you must play before moving to your new PS4, Xbox One and WiiU.


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  1. I ordered a few of these titles the other day before even seeing this video and now I can't wait to play them while I fart

  2. I'm playing Remember Me right now and I'm loving the setting, the soundtrack and the memory thing. The combat is not that great but the game is quite solid. Also you should give Dark Sector a try.

  3. okay I'm just going to tell you that: I noticed and disliked these games simply by watching the game itself. these games were overpriced when they came out and while cheap now, they aren't exactly top grade gameplay. Blur and driver being the main culprits of bad games. vanquish is good, but it wasn't worth the price you would pay when it came out. double dragon, clearly a great game but nothing worth making a YouTube video over. we all saw this as a download on Xbox or ps3, we just didn't care. 3D dot game was great, I have no conplaints, but you know when a game is overshadowed by tons of big titles? yeah, that being the reason I never got it. so I like the list but as far as driving games go? nothing to look twice at. Shadow of the damned? its been noticed by many but not played by many. the game is too typical of a Evil Dead wannabe to me. plus the suda 51 appeal never really captivated me. its how a game looks as far as gameplay goes, it felt beyond typical by looking at it. don't agree they are all great but I do agree they are pretty cheap and worth it now

  4. I always felt the RTS Ruse got a bad rap. It has genuinely fresh mechanics that, while highly spammable in the campaign, make multiplayer matches turn into chess games, each player trying to fool the other to gain the upper hand.

  5. 3d dot game heroes was published by from software in japan, not developed by them. They had nothing to do with it in other releases.

  6. Singularity was pretty awesome but had so much more potential.. a shame no one really played it like most AAA POS (like battle filed anything/ COD anything..)

  7. Kingdom of Amalur! Innovative RPG with player decided outcomes, customizable combat mechanics and an awesome story?! It failed so bad, the company went bankrupt. If thats' not underrated, what is?

  8. Day one purchases for me were Singularity, Vanquish and Enslaved.
    I think I would add Asuras Wrath to this list, it's short but it's oh so sweet.
    Someone has already said, but Brutal legend could be on the list to

  9. I remember a strange game on the 360, I used to have the demo for it, it was called Breach. It was supposed to be a Call of Duty and Counter Strike mix up, it was for the 360 and PC. When you played the demo, it was pretty much like I said earlier of how it played, but the demo was on a time period. If you ran out of time for the demo, it would say to get the full game, and the game was up for about a year. Then all servers mysteriously went down, permanently, and you can't find the game on the 360 marketplace anymore. I'm not too sure about the PC version though.

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